Padise Monastery - Visitor Center is a great place for memorable events. The dignified monastery with its special atmosphere, the newly renovated governor`s house and the beautiful nature of Padise make each event unique. We can organize seminars and conferences, receptions and special events.

Seminar room

There is a 50-seat seminar room on the second floor of the Governor's House with a large window overlooking the monastery. The seminar room with tasteful interior design is equipped with modern conference equipment. The renovated mantel chimney and the large skylight around the chimney add excitement to the environment.

Next to the seminar room is the monastery library, which gathers historical literature and insights into the activities and meaning of the Cistercians. The library is a great place for group work and discussion.

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The monastery

The only Cistercian monastery so extensively preserved in Northern Europe is a special and significant place. Responsibly restored environment reflects the Cistercian values ​​and spirituality. The environment is perfect for hosting both chamber and larger events.

The most dignified and most representative building of the monastery is the church. The magnificent vaults relying on the powerful limestone walls, the sharp arched windows and the carved stones of portals make the monastery a unique place, celebrating the beauty and sacredness of the heritage.

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