Full ticket: 6 €
Discount ticket*: 4 €
Family ticket: 12 € (up to 2 adults and their children under 18)
Tour guide 40 €/per hour + tickets

The information desk and ticket office are in the governor`s house. You can pay in cash or by card.

*The discount is valid for pupils, students, pensioners, holders of an International Student Card (ISIC Scholar, ISIC Student), an International Teacher Card (ITIC Teacher) and a European Youth Card.

Free admission

Guided tours

  • "Timeless Padise" - a journey that opens the life and spiritual space of the Cistercians at Padise monastery (45 min).
  • "Great Padise" - a walk in Padise monastery and nearby. For an overview of the formation of the monastery and its importance in medieval Europe and Livonia, a walk to the old hill fort (1 km on foot) is taken and Padise Manor is introduced. In addition, Padise Community Center, also known as a building of former Koidula Kolkhoz, which, like Padise monastery, is exceptional throughout Estonia, is also noted (1.5 hours).
  • "Light above the sea and the land" - guided tour on trails of public education. One of the oldest shrines in mainland Estonia - the Church of the Cross, probably founded by the monks of Padise monastery, is visited. The only church lighthouse in Estonia, Harju-Madise Church, is also visited. You can also see nearby the ruins of a former pastorate and a memorial to Bengt Gottfried Forselius, who founded Estonian public schools, marking his birthplace.
  • "Manor Circle" - guided tour of the area's manors - Vasalemma Manor, Padise Monastery and Manor, Hatu Manor, Vihterpalu Manor.

Tour guide 40 € + tickets. Guide fee 40 €, additional tickets. We offer tours in Estonian, English and Russian.


Every Sunday at 1 pm, a song is sung by a boys' choir at the monastery church. Admission with the general ticket.