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On April 23, 2020, Padise Monastery - Visitor Center will reopen its doors after extensive restoration work.

During the conservation work of the monastery, many interesting things emerged: empty stone funeral boxes were found and the foundation of the main altar in the church floor was discovered. Plaster fragments with blue and red paint stripes were discovered in the church ceiling and stripes of paint were visible on the transverse arches as well. In the floor of the undercroft chapel, foundations of two altars and a burial were found. These new discoveries have changed our knowledge of the Cistercians who lived and operated in Padise Monastery.

The renovated monastery and the new exhibition highlight the Padise monastery and the significance and influence of the Cistercians in Estonian and European cultural memory. We want to transform the Padise Monastery into a physical and mental environment that represents timeless values. We also want to provide contemporary people with meaningful knowledge about themselves as well as about the surrounding environment and time-space.

The meaning and significance of the only preserved Cistercian monastery in Northern Europe opens to the visitors when they walk step-by-step through this magnificent building. The gorgeous monastery church, the crypt, the mysterious courtyard of the monastery with its numerous passages and beautiful views await to be discovered. Plan your visit.

Padise Monastery, with its atmosphere, has been the scene for four films:

The Stone of Blood (1972)
Karoliine's Silver Yarn (1984)
Musketeers Twenty Years After (1992)
The Secret of Queen Anne or Musketeers Thirty Years After (1993)

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The development of the Padise Monastery Complex into an interactive visitor center has been realised with the European Union structural support, from the measure “Strengthening the competitiveness of the regions” investment support program "Development of Tourism Attraction" of the European Regional Development Fund (EAFRD). The grant was EUR 1.46 million and the project was carried out between 2017 and 2019. The rich history of the 14th-century Cistercian monastery will be introduced after the renovation project and a tourist information and service center will be set up in a former Governor's house next to the monastery. The monastery complex is owned by Lääne-Harju rural municipality.