Claustrum sine armario quasi castrum sine armamentario - a common proverb in the medieval times that  ’A cloister without a library is like a castle without an armoury’


The library is located on the second floor of the Governor`s House and it helps to fulfil the mission of the Padise Monastery-Visitor Center to be just like an outdoor repository for Cistercian history, culture and traditions. Did you know that the word "monastery", borrowed from German to Estonian, originally from Latin meant, among other things, a place of storage?

One of the innovative features of the Cistercians is the development of a comprehensive charter for the Order, which, with its elaboration, became a model for all future charters of Western European organizations. The library provides access to the Order's charter as well as other historical books and treatments on religion, monasteries and Cistercians.

The library is a suitable place to delve deeper into the topics of the monastery and Cistercians. It is a place for reflection and debate on meaningful and timeless topics.