Mysticism carved in stone - characterization of Cistercian medieval buildings by Wolfgang Buchmüller


Padise Community Center

Padise Community Center or also known as the building of former Koidula Kolkhoz (architect Siiri Kasemets) is one of the best examples of Estonian modernism. The building was completed as a reflection of Padise Manor's stable and has been described as one of the most sustainable and delicate expressions of modernist environmentalism and a landmark in 1970s country architecture.

Padise manor

The new mansion, built after the fire of 1766, was constructed near the former moat and initially so modestly that some of Ramm's offspring could not fit in there and instead slept in the governor`s house. The second storey was added to the Padise manor house only in the 1850s.

Padise stable

A new gorgeous stable of Padise manor with a central colonnade was completed in 1856.